Value of Brazil nuts production
R$ 35 millions
Brazil nuts production
7,681 tons
Source: IBGE-PEVS, Brasil. 2018, table 289

Brazil nuts are the main non-timber product of Acre's extractivism. Moving more than R$30 million a year, is a living economy that benefits 3,000 families in the state.

Brazil nuts (castanha) have strong investment potential: unique nutritious qualities, energy dense, rich in protein and selenium, and oils and fats that are used in the manufacture of edible products and cosmetics.

Acre is the 2nd largest producer of nuts in Brazil

Analysis of the productive chains of Brazil nuts and rubber


  • High availability of raw material
  • High level of organization of producers
  • Structured and well-linked chain
  • The existence of a strong producer cooperative (Cooperacre)
  • Established local experience in the exploitation of rubber and nuts


  • High production costs
  • High losses in the production process, especially in the collecting phase
  • Low formal education rate of producers


  • Expanding Consumer Market
  • Funding Availability
  • Proximity to Peru and Bolivia for both raw material access and export
  • The environmental appeal of extractive production carried out in the Amazon protected areas


  • Low profitability of extractive activity
  • High seasonality of forestry collecting labour
  • Disinterest of young generations and informal trade


Castanha production (tons 2000-2018)

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